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Coopetition and the new PRO Remodelers Roundtable

What makes PRO membership invaluable? The member-to-member relationships and the exchange of information top the list. At a members’ suggestion PRO started a regular event so that members can learn from each other and share expertise in a roundtable format.  PRO Remodeler Roundtables will be scheduled every other month, so if you have an idea or topic you’d like to discuss with other members, please contact Debbie Cain at

Owner George Papaheraklis of FineCraft Contractors hared his success using Construction Sheets at the roundtable last week. Other members learned from FineCraft’s experience developing and using a management tool to facilitate flexibility and independence on job sites. Watch the video to see the discussion on YouTube and see if this is a tool you can use in your business. 

The topic and presenter for the April PRO Remodelers Roundtable will be announced soon.

Watch the recent PRO Remodelers Roundtable with FineCraft Contractors.

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