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PRO Awards: Take the plunge!

Member Testimonial: Sharon Inetas says submit your projects for PRO Awards!

Sharon Inetas encouraged Lenny Berger, HandyMensch Home Remodeling, to enter this unique powder room in the awards program last year

Sharon Inetas, Vice President of Sky Marble and Granite, and current member of the PRO Mid Atlantic Board of Directors, recommends remodelers be open minded about submitting their projects for awards.

“I decided last year to reach out to my PRO Contractors and see if they were going to submit projects for the awards program. In my conversation with Lenny Berger of HandyMensch Home Remodeling, he wasn’t sure how to make his projects stand out. He was hesitant to enter. Since the categories have a cost range and his would be on the lower end, he felt those projects at the upper end would overshadow his. So we worked together and looked at the projects he was thinking of submitting. One small bathroom had a wonderful story behind it and Lenny really recreated the client’s wishes with this project. Lenny conveyed the story with the project and he won the Grand award for that bathroom.  It was truly a work of art. He shared it through his social media links and it gave him the confidence that his work was worthy to showcase. He is so excited to showcase his work this year.”

Beyond the possibility of winning, there are also significant benefits to entering: “Entering the awards gives you a pulse of where you stand in your business and amongst your peers. It gives you the opportunity to create validity for what you do to the general consumer. You can call out to other PRO members to collaborate and mentor with. It bonds you with you and your team member partners.”  

Take the plunge! Start your entry now — and submit it by October 30!

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